St. Mary’s River Long Weekend

July 25, 2018 0 By Captain Jim

We traveled from the Great Wicomico River to St. Mary’s River via the Potomac River in late July and met up with the Great  Wicomico Cruising Club.  The winds were blowing out of the north when we left so we headed east across the bay toward Tangier Island, then headed north west to reach across the bay all the up to the St. Mary’s River.

While there, we ate at the St. Mary’s College Student Dining Hall.  The food and facility were amazing.  It is setup as a cafeteria but is upscale and has foods organized by category and included everything from pasta to healthy salads to cheese burgers and pizza.  …and then there were the deserts!  All for $10/person.  Those students are very well fed.

When we got to the dining hall (first in line!), the students were very patriotic!

We had planned to leave on Sunday, but there was a massive weather system headed north towards us and some models showed winds blowing from the north upwards of 55 mph.  We decided to sail back the next day so we could enjoy the nice weather before the storm and get in some sailing.  With the south east wind, we were able to sail out the Potomac across to Smith Island then reach down south west to Ingram Bay and the Great Wicomico River.

Some photos from along the way.


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