Pearson 30 – SamaSama

The Pearson 30 is an awesome boat!  This was my first big boat.  I did a survey of the boat on my own before making an offer and purchasing the boat from the previous owner.  I hired a surveyor as part of the sales process. The surveyor provided a work list of things to do and repair on the boat.  The boat sale included the use of the seller’s father in law’s dock on the Miles River, just a couple of miles from St. Michaels.  

After the first season with the boat, I moved it across the bay to Herrington Harbour North.  Anyone who spends much time at all on the Chesapeake Bay either ends up at Herrington or at least become quite familiar with it.  Although Herrington is not the least expensive marina/boat yard on the bay, it is extremely well run and a very comfortable place to work on boats.  And as with everywhere on the bay, it is full of friendly boaters!  

I never kept SamaSama at the Herrington docks but I did do all upgrades and repairs at the Herrington boatyard.  While there I rebedded the ports (windows), rebedded the stanchions, installed upgraded electronics, replaced the standing rigging and mast electrical wiring, painted the mast and boom with Interlux 2-part polyurethane.  I kept SamaSama at Rockhold Creek Marina, up the creek from Herrington.  

When Hurricane Isabel threatened, Captain Jon Scheller, owner of Rockhold Creek was able to haul all of the boats out of the marina docks for all of the owners who chose to haul.  In comparison, Herrington was not able to haul boats out, even though many owners wanted them to be hauled.  As a result of the intensity of the storm surge and winds from Isabel, the docks and boats in the water at Herrington were badly damaged.  All of the boats at Rockhold Creek on the hard did fine.

The Pearson is a tough, solid boat and the cost of a well maintained boat on the used market is modest.  In my opinion it is a perfect starter big boat.  The stock engine is a gasoline Atomic 4.  Some refer to the Atomic as the Atomic bomb because it is gasoline.  I loved that engine.  It was raw water cooled and needed to be completely flushed but after flushing the cooling system and upgrading the ignition system to electronic, it was a strong and reliable engine.  As long as the engine compartment was vented and a smell test done, it was no more dangerous than the gasoline carried by most cruisers for use with their outboard motors.