Pearson 30 – SamaSama

This is my first big boat!  A 1973 Pearson 30 that I bought in 1994 was named Juliet 03, renamed to Julie, then to SamaSama.  SamaSama was an expression I heard often while working in Indonesia and I think it meant “no problem”!

This is the boat that I learned about boat systems on. The Pearson is a very tough but nimble boat.  The previous owner raced her out of the Annapolis Yacht Club.  I was more interested in exploring the Chesapeake Bay and fixing it up.

After exploring the bay and the creeks and rivers of the Eastern Shore for a season, I hauled her out at Herrington Harbour North and did a refit, starting with the list on the pre-purchase survey.

I replaced the standing rigging because I had no idea how old it was.  While I was at it I prepped and painted the mast and boom with 2 part Interlux Polyurethane paint.

I got a case of 2-footitis in 2003, in part because I really thought I needed a nav station.  I listed SamaSama in the Washington Post Classified and put a small web page together and she sold to the first person who looked at her for the high end of the market range.  I quickly got sellers remorse because the boats that I looked at were listed for the high end of the range but they were not well maintained.  I was very proud of SamaSama but eventually found the right boat – Balera!